Hotmail services

Hotmail has a slightly different set-up to AOL.

Hotmail has a service called Smart Data Network services (SNDS).
This is an online statistics service where you register your sending IP addresses and you will have access to an online graphical reporting system, where you will be able to track the reputation of your sending servers in Hotmail. There is a graph for the all the server which have had any action for each day and a report for a specific IP address which covers 32days.Hotmail also has a feedback loop which we are on the verge of being part of, this should work in a very similar way to the AOL feedback loop.One other point is that Hotmail was initially involved in SenderID. This is where an TXT record on the sending server will contain an the SenderID. Hotmail will then check this ID against our sending servers to make sure that we are who we say we are etc.Recently Hotmail have increased this service but for a Price with their Sender Score program. This is a paid for service where members are almost guaranteed entry into the inbox. This is a service I am investigating along side AOLs Goodmail service as an optional extra to sell with new Unlimited packages.