Data is Dead long live Data

“Data is Dead long live Data” Adrian Thorne 14/02/2007 09.46

As I’ve said before, Acquisition B2C emails and buying data may well be dead!
It can hurt your reputation, with customers, potential customers and ISPs. Especially nower-days when emails don’t really get in the inbox without you being in their address book. You really have to throw a lot of money at a basic acquisition campaign to get any kind of return ie: Indie Field.

The best way to get in the inbox and to be trusted is have your email sent by a recipient’s friend.
Yes, you know what I’m going to say – Viral – calm down, calm down, I know you can’t deliberately do a viral email blah blah blah!

Once you’re in the inbox, you’ve then got to get that new recipient’s email address.

To harvest emails, you want the List Builder Interface on an account, with the send to a friend subscribe switched on.

Then you have to offer that new recipient something… this is where the flash microsite come in!!!

You want to send an offer to all your current customers offering them something, either a really interesting, interactive, dynamic flash web site that they will want to send to a friend, or something material – bribery – for doing it, eg: send this to 5 friends and get something.

Then you have to convince the friends to subscribe

Well it’s one perspective any way!