ESPC – email behaviors of todays consumers survey

Consumers Savvy About Managing Email According to ESPC Survey Results; Embrace Numerous Tools and Methods to Manage Spam Reporting and Unsubscribing.

– 90 percent of panelists stating they would appreciate having an
“Unsubscribe” button directly in their email program

– and 80 percent
wanting access to a “Report Fraud” button

– Senders should ensure they are recognizable in the “FROM” and “SUBJECT”
lines of their emails, given results indicating that 80 percent of
panelists do not open an email prior to using the “Report Spam” button.

– In addition, trust in “Unsubscribe” links is high with 80 percent of
panelists using them; half of these respondents click on them even if
they are unfamiliar with the sender.

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Consumers Are Savvier Spam Defenders Than Previously Thought

The survey,
conducted in December 2006 by marketing research firm Ipsos for the ESPC, found that 73 percent of respondents have used e-mail for six or more years and over 80 percent check their e-mail at least once per day.
It also found that the majority of respondents will report a message as spam based only on the information available in the subject line and sender’s address, according to Trevor Hughes, executive director of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition.

Another interesting finding of the study:

The ESPC originally assumed that large numbers of recipients were using the “report as spam” button to unsubscribe to legitimate marketers. However, that was the case for only 20 percent of messages studied, said Hughes. Regardless, he believes the survey is a call for greater tools to be made to consumers
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