Lask of Passion in the Email Industry?

Provoking words from email insider:

The article “A Lack of Passion” basically said:

Why are the SEO guys and the RSS guys so passionate about what they do?
Maybe because it seems so cutting-edge. Maybe because they’re not
embarrassed to say what they do at a cocktail party.

But at some point we need to declare proudly: “I’m an email marketer. I drive business forward.”

We need to recast how we view ourselves. Email requires dedicated,
passionate people involved in it, because like or unlike SEO, it is
rocket science. There is a lot to know, technically, creatively, and
intellectually. And we need to believe that what we do is actually a
good thing”…

this was followed was followed by

the article “Passion Redux” which was a follow up as the first article received so much attention from the blog sphere…

It’s not quite as interesting but worth a read after the friost one none the less…

…check it out here or above