VerticalResponse Integrates Google Analytics Into Email Marketing Service

New Reporting Integration Measures Email Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Even Further
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – September 5, 2007) – VerticalResponse, Inc., the leading provider of self-service email marketing and direct mail solutions, is now offering its users the VerticalResponse Google Analytics Integration, a new reporting solution to measure email campaign effectiveness. Google Analytics provides detailed reports on clickstream activity by collecting and analyzing data based on the succession of clicks each visitor makes on a website. Now any VerticalResponse user can activate the new feature from their VerticalResponse account profile for free, and begin easily tracking recipients’ subsequent activity.

“We continually strive to offer new features to optimize our users’ email marketing efforts,” said Janine Popick, VerticalResponse CEO. “Users can already track opens, clicks and a host of other data with VerticalResponse, now with the new Google Analytics Integration, VerticalResponse users can take their campaign effectiveness to the next level. This integration is an additional tool that empowers small businesses to launch marketing campaigns, and measure them with precision like larger companies have always been able to do — but at a fraction of the cost.”

To enable clickstream monitoring from an email marketing campaign, those who already use Google Analytics simply check a box in their VerticalResponse profile and fill in the domains they want to track. Then all of their email campaigns will automatically populate click data in their Google Analytics account. This information helps businesses learn about where their visitors are coming from and how they interact with their email and website. It also informs them of how these visitors are spending their time on the Internet, allowing them to make site changes, measure abandoned shopping carts or streamline overall website navigation.

VerticalResponse is dedicated to making marketing accessible to businesses with any size marketing budget. VerticalResponse also provides users with two blogs: the award winning VerticalResponse Marketing blog and the recently launched VerticalResponse for AppExchange blog. In addition to announcing new features and providing free user support, these blogs connect users to newsletters, trade shows, live webinars and live chats. This breadth of resources ensures that users get the most effective real-time support for ongoing marketing success.

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