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Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage Available for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Advantage™ – The Commercial Real Estate Solution for Microsoft CRM™.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) January 2, 2008 — Ascendix Technologies announces the availability of Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage, a specialized CRM solution built on the Microsoft CRM platform and tailored for the Commercial Real Estate industry. Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage helps maintain important relationships such as prospects and tenants from being overlooked.

What is Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage?
Some leads that companies generate need to be nurtured over time. These leads tend to be overlooked or forgotten about in favor of a more viable prospect. Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage is designed especially for managing nurture marketing campaigns within MSCRM, the leading mid-market sales automation system. By incorporating the latest MSCRM technology with Ascendix’s experience in creating quality, commercial software systems and experience in customizing MSCRM, commercial real estate firms can reap the benefits of an automated, easy-to-use nurture marketing system.

Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage allows for Marketing to define and maintain action plans. Each action plan can have multiple steps. A step can be printing a letter, sending an email message, or scheduling a phone call. Action plans are completely customizable to each firm. Sales reps can assign the appropriate action plan to a contact with three clicks of the mouse. The sales rep also can track the progress of each assigned action plan.

An integrated Fulfillment Center allows for the efficient printing of letters and related envelopes or labels, as well as the automatic scheduling of subsequent steps.

Included with Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage is:

  • Action Plan Administration facility to create centralized Action Plans that can be made accessible to all users of MSCRM
  • Centralized Fulfillment Center of activities defined in Action Plans including the generation of letters and emails
  • Action Plan Assignment facility to allow for action plans to be assigned to marketing targets

Ascendix will be hosting a webinar featuring the Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage application at 10 am CT Wednesday, February 6. For more details or to register, please visit

About Real Estate Advantage™ – Real Estate Advantage™ is a powerful framework for commercial real estate companies seeking a solution more specific to the unique, complex needs of the industry. Real Estate professionals manage much more than just prospects and clients, and therefore may not be well served by generic CRM and contact management solutions. The functionality native to the embedded Microsoft CRM system, coupled with the specialized system developed by Ascendix brings a robust, flexible and customizable solution for the growing commercial real estate enterprise. To attend an upcoming event featuring Nurture Marketing for Real Estate Advantage™, please visit

About Ascendix Technologies – Ascendix Technologies, Inc., a Microsoft® Certified Gold Partner, is a privately held corporation located in Dallas, TX. Founded in 1996, the company is celebrating its 10th year in business focused solely on the implementation of CRM systems for companies in both the mid and enterprise market space. In 2003, Ascendix turned to a vertical strategy, quickly carving out a niche in the alternative investment products, financial services and commercial real estate industries. For more information, please visit Ascendix on the web at or contact them at 1-888-Find-CRM.

Email Marketing Takes Hold with Property Developers

The largest online resource to find and compare new condo developments worldwide,, partners with EmailDirect to keep prospective buyers updated with current sales and marketing materials.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) January 2, 2008 — partners with EmailDirect – San Diego based New Condos Online Inc. (NCO) is the largest online resource to find and compare new condo developments worldwide. For homebuyers, investors and agents NCO offers the most user-friendly online global marketplace to find and compare new condo and townhome communities. For developers, home builders and real estate marketing firms NCO provides the most cost effective resource to advertise new developments and gain the exposure necessary to accelerate unit sales.

NCO’s weekly email publication, Hot Properties, is delivered to over 170,000 homebuyers, investors and agents offering developers, builders and real estate marketing firms the opportunity to reach a targeted, captive audience.

Beyond managing the Hot Properties email publication, EmailDirect enables NCO’s listed property developers and builders to easily publish and grow their own email publication. From concept to sale, a new property development can take years to complete. Email is taking hold with builders and developers, as the marketing vehicle of choice, to keep prospective buyers updated with current sales and marketing materials including: pre-construction sales information, buyer incentives, building progress and more.

Currently, over 80% of all homebuyers use the Internet as an information source and the majority of pre-sale registrations come through online resources like Through this new partnership, NCO and EmailDirect have created a turnkey marketing solution for builders, developers and real estate marketing firms to find and capture homebuyers during their online research.

EmailDirect,, is a Sacramento, California based corporation which develops cutting edge email marketing programs for permission based marketers. NCO can be found on the web at