Confirmation emails trigger spam traps: some remedies

Latest posts | Feed | By Mark Brownlow on August 04, 2008

One of the messages to come out of Return Path’s recent Reputation Benchmark Report is that sending email to spam traps is bad news:

We found a 20 point difference in delivery rates for IPs with just one spam trap hit.”

That spam trap hit might be an indicator of other poor practices that are dragging delivery down. But we certainly know that emailing spam trap addresses is one criteria that ISPs use when deciding if your mail should be given harsh treatment.

No problem, I thought. Email addresses only get added to my list if the owner clicks on a confirmation link in an email sent out after they sign-up (i.e. closed-loop or double opt-in).

Spam traps can’t click on links. So…no spam trap address goes on my list.


But wait…

If I send a confirmation email to a spam trap address, doesn’t that count as a spam trap hit, too? …find out