If you were Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail…

Latest posts | Feed | By Mark Brownlow on August 01, 2008

…how would you define unwanted email…?

What would you consider a potential indicator of a “bad” sender? Not a traditional spammer, but a sender who simply isn’t producing email that people want to receive?

How about:

  • recipients never click on a link in the email
  • emails are never moved to a folder or archived (“trash” or “junk” folders don’t count)
  • recipients delete the email
  • the emails are never rescued or opened when delivered to the junk folder
  • recipients never scroll down the email
  • recipients don’t forward the email
  • recipients don’t use the interface’s print facility
  • recipients over-use unsubscribe links
  • recipients never unblock images or add sender to address list

Even if it remains theory, what would YOU put on that list? And how would you minimize your “spam” score? find out more …