Eight Quick Ways to Get Your Site Blacklisted

Effective online communication relies on your ability to reach customers. If your e-mail or newsletters are listed on a spam blacklist, the messages won’t get through. Here are several common mistakes that put business communication at risk.

By Esther Schindler August 14, 2008CIO

We can’t live without e-mail. Even though the Internet standards warn us not to depend on any given e-mail message ever arriving at its destination, every business executive knows how important it is for the mail to get there. But if your mail server’s IP address is stuck in a blacklist—a list of addresses or domains identifying known spammers—your e-mail newsletters and individual e-mail messages will be blocked long before they get to their recipients.

Blacklists are distributed in a format which can be easily queried by Internet applications, particularly e-mail servers. Many (if not most) e-mail administrators use blacklists … read on