Email Marketing Reports April 2008

Change a winning formula

Special edition this issue, because there are some articles and insights that you must, must read. They will change the way you do email marketing. So this issue is split into the “must reads” (for everyone) and “the rest” (for email marketing junkies like me).

I’m actually excited. And I went to the kind of school where your excitement gland was surgically removed in biology lessons.

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Must reads…

Move the unsubscribe link
An old idea whose time has come. It’s time to move the unsubscribe link to the very top of your emails. Here’s why (and read the comments below the article). I’m convinced, and will be doing this as of next issue.

Report spam buttons: time to panic?
It seems email users regularly report legitimate permission-based emails as spam, potentially condemning them to blocklisting. Should you be worried? Find out here.

Tremendous test insights
Don’t yawn at yet another piece about the value of testing. This one will make you spill your coffee in excitement. Probably.

I wrote two blog posts collating some incredible email test results from around the web. Covering everything from frequency to format, best subject lines to best day to send. Catch the summaries here and here.

The rest…

Finding the right words
Technology gets the message in front of the recipient, but it’s the words and packaging (design) that do the influencing and persuading. Here some links to articles that address the latter.

Permission is dead
Long live permission. In all the excitement about relevancy, reputation etc., here’s a quick reminder why gaining explicit consent to send emails is still critical to your success.

Go forth and integrate
Integration is one of those buzzwords in email marketing. But what exactly does it mean? A simple approach is to think of it as a change in perspective. And that opens up a whole host of practical possibilities. Continue reading.

Going international?
They’re different over there. When your email campaigns go international, what do you need to watch for? This post has some nice links, plus practical tips from an expatriate in the business (that’s me).

That’s it for this issue – see you again April 21st…

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