Email Marketing Reports 05/05/2008

Timeouts and trade show torment

I have a favor to ask. This newsletter draws from the blog I write, which took a timeout for trade show work. So this issue is the email equivalent of the half pint: looks the same, tastes the same, but lacks volume.

Anyway, could you let me know what content YOU want more/less of by completing the poll here. Your wishes will drive what I write and report on.

Meanwhile, discover the not-so-serious lessons I learnt from my virginal trade show experience. And enjoy the articles posted while on the road (see below.)

Next issue is back to normal (unless the poll tells me otherwise…)

Thanks and have a good day,

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Must reads…

Get out of the numbers rut
Do you evaluate your email campaigns based on the numbers available to you? Or do you decide what you want to evaluate and look for numbers that will support that process? This article explains the crucial difference between the two.

The rest…

Hurrah! More unsubscribes
Last issue I added an unsubscribe link to the top of the email. Discover how this impacted unsubscribe rates, and why the link is staying.

Should you segregate your IPs?
If you put your best customers on a separate sending address, you can keep mailing to them even if you have delivery problems with your main list. Sounds good, but does it work? Read the article and comments to find out.

Don’t be fooled by delivery reports
New survey results suggest your delivery rate is far worse than your campaign reports claim. Learn why and what you can do about it.

More surveys: practical lessons
Various surveys of email users and email marketers tell us what we should be doing more (and less). Get the insights here.

That’s it for this issue – see you again May 19th…

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