Email Marketing Reports 11/08/2008

So how many email marketers does it take…

…to change a light bulb? (Answers here.)

On a more serious note, this issue has news of coming changes to the delivery landscape, plus a bumper collection of resources for the HTML email designers among you.

We also have two articles on remorse: how do you stop unwelcome addresses landing on your list? And how do you stop new subscribers regretting their decision?

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Email Marketing Reports
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Must read…

If you were an ISP…
The deliverability world is changing. The webmail services are redefining what they consider “bad” email. This post suggests how they might tag unwanted email in future, and experts confirm that this is already becoming reality.

Expect to be blocked if you don’t engage your subscribers, even if you use the highest of permission standards. And if you don’t believe me, see what Yahoo! Mail’s own staff have to say on the matter.

It’s all in the …timing
Part 12 of the New Email Marketing explores the idea of timing. Before you worry about the best day or time to send, there’s another question to ask. One which leads you toward more effective and rewarding email marketing practices. Read more.

Email design…

42 HTML email design resources
If you’re stumped for inspiration or information on using HTML and CSS in email design, you want this collection of the world’s best online resources.


Email marketing books
This Interweb thing is all very well, but let’s not ignore print. Here’s the list of book recommendations I send people who ask for my tips.


Confirmations hurt deliverability
Emails requesting confirmation of a sign up can hit spam traps, too. And hurt your sender reputation. This post suggests tactics you can use to limit any damage.

List building…

Avoid subscriber’s remorse
They just handed over that most precious of online jewels: their email address. Now there’s that nagging doubt. That uncertainty. That accusing little voice that asks, did you just volunteer to get email you don’t really need or want?

Learn eight tactics you can use to stop remorse setting in.

Avoid emailer’s remorse
Not every new email address is a welcome one. Learn about permission slaves, trigger chasers, bargain hunters and focus spreaders. And why you want to keep them off your list.

Tactics and strategy…

Strategies, goals, quick wins
The author of a new book on email marketing sits down with us and discusses ways to improve your email marketing approach, where the low-hanging fruit is for rapid improvements, and why we’re not doing such a great job of it yet.

That’s it for this issue – see you again August 25th, with tips for plain text emails, myths exposed, and all the other great material I’d tell you about if I was able to plan more than two days into the future…

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