Email Marketing Reports 19/05/2008

The new email marketing

The old email marketing sees a leaky bucket and adds more water. The new email marketing sees a leaky bucket and plugs the holes. This issue focuses on hole-plugging tactics.

We also have design tips for creative links, video email best practices and other goodies. Frankly, there isn’t enough space in the preview pane to tell you all about them. Just scroll down…


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Must reads…

The new email marketing
What are the tactics and strategies that turn a bulk email marketer into a smart email marketer? An ongoing series of articles has the answers…

Part 1: The leaky bucket (an introduction)
Part 2: Live the R word (on relationships)
Part 3: Accepting accountability (on recognition and responsibility)

New Can-Spam rules
US marketers should take a look at these links on recent clarifications to anti-spam legislation in the USA:

FTC press release and report.
Interpretation of the implications for marketers from: Sherpa, Habeas, Datran Media.

Email design…

Videos in email
There’s now agreement on how best to integrate video into email. Discover the best practices here.

Take a design risk
Mediocrity in email marketing is on the march. But careful use of animation and segmentation can free your creativity. Find tips and examples here.

Capture the other 90%
Many subscribers will have no specific interest in your next offer or article. But you can still get them to click on a link and engage with your website. Learn how.

Tactics and strategies…

Simple ways to relevancy
Not everyone has sophisticated databases and advanced email marketing tools. But there are simple ways to make your emails more relevant. Many require just a small change in perspective. Find out more.

Building a list…

Lower your unsubscribes
When you understand why people might want to leave your list, you can take steps to keep them on board and happy.

Here’s a new article with 14 tips on how to keep people happily married to your email program (and how to make the most of those that do leave).

Stats, trends, surveys…

Render rate not open rate
It’s time for the open rate to take the compensation package and head off to the Bahamas for golf and sun. Its more useful replacement: the render rate.

Are the experts the problem?
By highlighting the frequency of bad email marketing practices, experts might be encouraging these same practices. Learn more.

That’s it for this issue – see you again June 2nd…

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