Email Marketing Reports 25/08/2008

Plain need not be boring

Every self-respecting HTML email comes with a plain text version attached. And this issue has some help on making them look good, too.

It’s a real pick’n’mix crop of articles this time. Everything from planning today for the year-end holiday shopping spree, what to copy from Barack Obama’s email marketing (and what not to copy) through to scenario planning and (gasp!) a look at ethics…

Enjoy the read,

Email Marketing Reports

Must read…

Dare we mention ethics?
We dare. Part 13 of the New Email Marketing series explains that ethical email marketing is not just an issue of morality. Ethical email marketing is smart and successful email marketing.

Email design…

Plain text tips
Last issue’s popular list of top HTML email design resources gets a sibling. See this post for a list of online articles, tools and templates to help with the design of your plain text emails.


Today’s open rate…
…is due to last week’s email. Do you understand the role of your previous email in determining results from the current one? This short article explains and has three recommendations on how to exploit that knowledge.


Return Path + Habeas = good news?
The coming together of two of the biggest email certification and deliverability services has passed without critical comment. This post asks some necessary questions and Return Path’s CEO provides the answers.

List building…

Barack Obama and List Building “Buts”
The Obama campaign won plaudits for their recent list building tactics around the “Be the First to Know” campaign. But it’s not a perfect model. Learn what you should copy…and what you shouldn’t.

Tactics and strategy…

What would happen if…?
Scenario planning is for textbooks and college courses. Not something we tend to worry about too much in the real world. But are you ready if some of these rather unpleasant email marketing scenarios turn out to be true?

Holiday email marketing 2008
The holiday shopping season starts now, at least in terms of planning. This post is an ongoing collection of all the relevant articles on preparing for (and profiting from) the coming end-of-season spend-fest.

And, yes, these articles do seem to appear earlier and earlier each year.

That’s it for this issue – see you again September 8th, with more on the new email marketing, copywriting for email, multichannel overload, etc…

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