Email Marketing Reports 30/06/2008

Do your emails move?

We’ll get to the serious stuff later. But if you want a little fun first, enjoy some tongue-in-cheek predictions about email marketing in 2028.

Then come back and read on for insights on using videos in email, HTML design, your sender reputation, a few myths…and more.

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Must reads…

More new email marketing
Those eager to push their efforts to new heights should continue reading this series. New since the last issue:

Part 9: The search for synergy (how you get more out of email through other types of marketing – with a special look at social networks)

Part 10: Old email practices (the new toys are exciting, but some of the old ones are still critical to success)

Email design…

Video email design
This tip has some simple, but sensible, advice on how to get more clickthroughs to your online video by choosing the right video player screenshot to put in your email.

An alternative of course is to embed the whole video in the actual email. One case study suggests this can work, despite evidence to the contrary. But is the story that simple? Find out here.

Email design treasure trove
Spam Meltdown is a new blog created to “showcase finely crafted HTML emails.” The first few posts already highlight dozens of designs, including a comprehensive look at welcome messages.

Spam Meltdown means we now have a triumvirate of design galleries to draw inspiration from. The other two are the Campaign Monitor Gallery and the new-look Retail Email Blog.


The right “email” software?
Using your email software or webmail account to send marketing emails is like delivering by bicycle. It’s not a particularly sensible solution for the vast majority of businesses.

This quick article for newcomers explains why you should use specialist email marketing software or web-based services instead.


Sender reputation: the interview
Sometimes I get confused about email deliverability issues (which happens more than I’d care to admit). The only solution is to call up an expert.

In this interview, Return Path’s Ken Takahashi goes over some of the issues surrounding your email sender reputation. ISPs look at this reputation when deciding whether or not to deliver your email to their inboxes.

Among the topics Ken talks about: what determines your reputation? What role is authentication playing in deliverability? What does the future look like? And more…

Tactics and strategies…

Don’t fall for those myths
High ROI? Blocked images killing your open rates? Email is recession-proof? Web 2.0 is no threat to email? Maybe. Maybe not. These four topics often lead to misunderstanding, but this article offers a more truthful view of things.

Building a list…

Good and bad examples
Subscription forms, preference centers, unsubscribe processes…what is the good, bad and ugly of the email marketing world? This post has some answers, with links to evaluations of real examples.

That’s it for this issue – see you again July 14th…

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