The Email Marketing Reports Newsletter | Issue 92

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The Email Marketing Reports Newsletter | Issue 92

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No need for 1984 in 2008

Accurate information about your subscribers lets you send more relevant emails. This issue has two articles that show you how to get that info without resorting to Big Brother approaches.

Those (like me) who fondly remember something called “face-to-face conversation” will also enjoy catching up on social networking and how that should change the way you market via email.

And there is, unsurprisingly, “more.” So take 2 minutes and dive in for your biweekly dose of email delights…

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Must read…

Email marketing and Web 2.0
If you’re terrified, confused, concerned or just intrigued by social networks and all the new Web 2.0 talk, take a deep breath and find contentment here.

It’s a collection of articles dealing with the interaction between email and new technologies like Facebook. For an immediate overview, see the latest in the New Email Marketing series, entitled Embracing Web 2.0.


Some grounders
Try these recent nuggets from around the Web…

Email marketing for bloggers
A six-part series which covers the basics of list building, testing, tracking and copywriting.

Broken Graphics and the 40/40/20 Rule
Short, but poignant, reminder that email marketing can still learn from the basic understanding of direct response marketing that was developed years before anyone started using the @ symbol.

InformIT OnBizTech
Browse down the page for about 40 minutes across three podcasts, reviewing many of the key principles that go into a successful email marketing strategy and program.

Sweating the details
A collection of advice aimed at retailers on developing winning email marketing campaigns.


B2C problems for B2B email
If you mail to business folk, when was the last time you checked the distribution of domains on your list? You may be surprised to see how many consumer webmail services appear.

This post explains why and offers help on deliverability issues at consumer ISPs.

List building…

How to get accurate subscriber information
The more you know about your subscribers, the more relevant emails you can send. And the better responses you get.

But how do you collect that data?

Part 1 of this article explores what you can do during the sign-up process.

And Part 2 explains six ways to get this information after people join your list.

Tactics and strategy…

5 ways to repeat yourself effectively
We’ve all had emails that worked particularly well, drawing an unusually high response. Pity, then, we can’t use that same email again and again.

Except we can…here are five ideas on how to do it right.

Good can still be better
A lot of marketers shrug at best practices because, hey, we’re doing well out of our email already…so why change anything? This article explains why.

That’s it for this issue – see you again September 22nd, with more on the new email marketing, copywriting, embedded design, etc…

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