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Train Your Brain – 25/09/2008 Email Experience Council

The Truth About Email Marketing (FT Press, August 2008) is the new book by eec member Simms Jenkins, CEO of BrightWave Marketing, and creator of (an eec sponsor).

The book covers 49 proven email marketing best practices and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that get results. The Truth About Email Marketing has received strong accolades since it was published in August, including praise from eec members.

“Simms has a great knack for simplifying the complex world of email. From the novice email marketer to the email aficionado, The Truth About Email Marketing provides insight and thought-provoking content that all of us can use in our email and online marketing efforts.”
– Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder, Online Marketing Summit

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Get a copy of The Truth about Email Marketing for 25% off, plus free shipping (US only). Just purchase the book through the FT Press store and enter the discount code Emailmark01 during the checkout process.