How to Make E-mail Campaigns More Meaningful

How to Make E-mail Campaigns More Meaningful

By Stefan Pollard, ClickZ, Feb 11, 2009

often, when I’m talking with clients or speaking at conferences and
workshops about e-mail best practices, I feel as if I’m scolding my
kids and telling them they shouldn’t do things they know will get them
into trouble.

Truth is, showing marketers how doing e-mail the right way — with
permission, well-done creative, authentication, and reputation
management among other factors — should build a stronger case than all
the finger-wagging about “desperation marketing.”

Achieving Greater Relevance

If you’re an e-mail marketer, your goals for 2009 probably include
driving greater revenue without spending a greater share of your
budget. As budgets get scrutinized or tightened, we must be careful not
to follow the old-school mantra: “Send more e-mail; make more money.” … read on…