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vertical response newsletter 10/02/2009 16:34

Two Easy Steps To Smarter Email Marketing

Click here for step 2Are you tired of talk of the tough economy? As our new leadership says,
it’s going to get tougher before it gets better. So now is actually the
time to “think outside the box,” or at least think beyond what you
normally do, when it comes to getting your message out to your customers
and prospects. There are a few easy things you can do with your list
and messaging today to “push” people along the purchase cycle. And just
because you just might not be thinking about it now, don’t worry –
you’ve got a million things to do to run your business. Besides, it’s
my job to put ideas in front of you to help you market better!

Step One: Segment Your Lists

When you upload your list to send an email marketing campaign, why not break it up into Best Customers, those can be customers who previously purchased over a certain amount, or purchased a certain number of times; One Time Purchasers, those customers who bought from you only once; and Prospects, people who have never purchased from you but they’ve agreed to get emails from you.

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How Not To Write a Subject Line

Click here for more examples I was recently on an “email marketing resources” site and found some
horrifying information that was being given on how to write a great
subject line. We all know that one of THE most important parts of an
email campaign is the subject line and everyone is trying to come up
with the perfect one, but this resource for email marketing is wrong,
wrong, wrong!

Here are four subject lines that this website uses, but that you
should never use in your campaigns. Not only do they break best
practices, but in some cases they break the law. The CAN SPAM ruling
states that for any commercial email, you must have your subject line
relate to the content of the email.

Subject Line #1 – Hi, My name is Paul

This is a game to trick the recipient into opening an email. It may
raise curiosity, however, when the recipient opens the email they’re
going to feel tricked and unsubscribe.

Click here for 3 more subject line examples