Open rates secrets and lies + brand loyalty

BtoB February 12, 2009

Open rates secrets and lies

By Karen Bannan

rates aren’t changing very much these days, or so the research says.
Indeed, according to last month’s “Epsilon Q3 2008 U.S. E-mail Trends
and Benchmarks Results,” open rates remained constant in 2008, staying
in the 19% to 21% range. But just because the industry averages are
staying constant, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to improve your own
open rates. Eric S. Groves, senior VP-global market development at
e-mail service provider Constant Contact provides one secret and one
lie that…

Question: How can marketers best use e-mail marketing to build brand loyalty?
Marketers should view e-mail marketing as a valuable channel that can
help build a long-term, brand-loyal relationship with your customer (as
opposed to just reducing upfront marketing costs or driving immediate
revenue). As much as possible, attune your outreach to your