Are you a traffic waster?

Email Marketing Manual
Wed, 01/07/2009 – 14:26 – Marc Munier

If you are like most marketers you spend a lot of time “driving traffic”, you review your ad words regularly, talk to your agency about SEO put your URL on every bit of literature that your company produces, and you may have even considered company tattoos in a bid to increase your exposure.

You manage to increase traffic by the required 20% what next? In most cases you want people to convert as soon as possible, be it making a purchase or picking up the phone to your sales team, but as we know life is rarely that easy.
Aim for the conversion – hit the email address

Instead of focusing 100% on the conversions why not take a look at the second best option? Getting their email address is an excellent way of gaining a return on your overall marketing spend, read on…