Top 15 articles from EMM in 2008

Email Marketing Manual – Fri, 12/12/2008 – 16:27 – Anne Collet

Highlighting what you the readers have been most interested in last year when it comes to email marketing matters.
Ranked by order of click throughs received, they are in effect the reader’s choice, the most visited and most read articles released through the Email Marketing Manual newsletter in 2008.

1. A ridiculously simple guide to SEO copywriting, by Anna Packham

2. Keeping on top of your design, by Andy Parker

3. Email HTML – What’s possible, what’s not (collective)

4. Email design – What you see is what you get, by Andy Parker

5. Teachers TV – Improving open and click through rates, by Andrew Seel

6. Six web 2.0 apps to love, by Alex Cowell

7. Stanton Marris – Standing out to a busy audience, by Andrew Seel

8. Great design that delivers results, by Susie Travers

9. checks in to the email clinic , by Andrew Seel

10. Creative Leisure Systems – Delivering a benefit-led eshot, by Andrew Seel

11. Top ten tips for writing awesome articles , by Bev Osborne

12. RS Components’ email makeover – Engaging a varied audience, by Andrew Seel

13. Focus on good practice for eshot design, by Andrew Seel

14. Writing to win business, by Bev Osborne

15. Earning trust with text, by Andy Thorpe