Email Marketing Manual Feb 09

EMM Feb 2009
super efficient landing pages, email content relevancy, how to avoid being a spammer, email design…

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“Nice email, what about the landing page?”
Asks Jonathan Saipe, Email marketing consultant and trainer. Landing pages are the last point in the user journey prior to conversion but too often overlooked, so read this carefully.
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Apex Auctions Preference Centre Benefits
When you have a wide customer base, how do you keep them informed and up to date with your latest offers, whilst keeping content relevant?
Pure talks with Apex Auctions Marketing Manager Adam Taylor about preference centre benefits.
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How to avoid being labelled a spammer
We all get far more spam than mail we actually want to receive, so we protect ourselves with ever more complex spam filters. Content, IP reputation, domain reputation can contribute to your emails being junked.
Marc Munier Managing Director of Pure provides pointers to avoid your emails being labeled as spam.
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When you have something beautiful to sell, you want people to see it. But what happens if the intended audience can’t see what you want them to?
In this months Email Clinic we look at Watchfinder, who have found that their open and click through rates are not always as precise as their automatic chronograph movements.
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Training Event
Marketing TailorMade is a one-stop shop training day, featuring 16 Brand-Led Case Studies (each with their own interactive masterclass) on 8 topics.
One of the leading e-mail marketing experts at Pure, Robin Kennedy, will be presenting an informative seminar at this event.
31st March, Grange City Hotel London.
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