Some recent gems from Email Marketing Reports

Boosting clicks: new results and insights
16/02/2009 20:46 Mark Brownlow:

In a previous post
I noted how you might exploit the fact that not everybody opens every
email. Adding links to articles or offers from the previous email might
catch a few bonus clicks from those who missed the original.

The concept worked well in one newsletter issue, but there were still three outstanding questions:

  • is the CTR boost sustainable across multiple emails?
  • do “old” links cannibalize clicks from the rest of the email?
  • how can we get even more out of this tactic?

I looked at the results from my last three newsletter issues to help find answers.

issue featured a “What you missed…” section down at the bottom of the
current issue with short links to the last issue’s landing pages. (See an example.)

Does the CTR boost hold up?… read on

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A simple answer to complex marketing questions
18/02/2009 13:21 Mark Brownlow:

An unspoken rule on this blog is to stick to the matter in hand. But
the occasional blogging milestone draws out something a little
different (this is the 2,250th post). So…

I was young(er), the online world was relatively simple. Now it’s a
heaving mass of channels and technologies…all requiring their own
tactics, techniques and specialist knowledge.

Most days I feel like this.

first website went up in 1997 and I sold it four years later for enough
to put a downpayment on an apartment. Now it’s about to go public. What might have been? Certainly a bigger apartment.

a few missed opportunities and failures, 12 years survival in online
business inevitably means I get regular questions on what works. For

  • How do we get more people to open our email?
  • How do we get better rankings at Google?
  • How do we get more email subscribers?
  • How do we get more website visitors?
  • How do I improve my personal brand?
  • How do we get more incoming links?
  • How do I get more followers?
  • How do we get more blog subscribers?
  • How do we get a viral success?

I have no secret sauce or special experience. But the answer I give and follow myself is this.. read on…
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Email marketing on a budget #3 Quick wins + simple targeting
19/02/2009 14:19 Mark Brownlow:

So you know why you want to do email marketing and you’ve grasped some basic requirements.

let’s explore some of the low-hanging fruit that doesn’t require big
buck investment. In particular, can you target your message better
without getting into “advanced dynamic content” and expensive “database

Our panel of experts offers some answers… read on…