Companies urged to ‘adapt to current direct marketing trends’

Growing businesses in the UK need to “work more intelligently” to acquire new customers in the current financial climate, an expert has claimed.
Friday 27th February 2009: Business Strata

Richard Lloyd, general manager of advice firm infoUK, has claimed that the answer to such problems is not spending increasing amounts of money on email or direct marketing.

He explained: “By looking at your best existing customers, you can identify trends and find more prospects just like them.

“Those prospects are often the best place to start when targeting new business.” read on…

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This is a small step towards the Seth Godin view of permission: target the people who are already interested, learn from them, please them and if you give them tools they will do some marketing for you ie: be remarkable (a purple cow) and give people the tool to remark about you to their friends and colleagues.