Double Opt-in, Redux

Double Opt-in, Redux

By Bill McCloskey, ClickZ, Feb 26, 2009
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My column, “Are You Really, Really Sure?” on the use of double opt-in versus single opt-in to confirm e-mail recipients new to your list generated quite a bit of controversy.

In the blogosphere, Rebecca Lieb, VP at Econsultancy and ClickZ Experts columnist, represented the argument for double opt-in. On the other side, Sara Ezrin’s made a case for single opt-in.

Representing those in the trenches, the comment such as the following was typical:

I worked for a $.75bn company and generated around $30mm/annually through the email channel w/ SOI maintaining an average bounce rate of less than 1%, a fluctuating complaint rate rarely above minimum acceptable, and an 89-92% average deliverability quotient. If I’d have told my C-anything that we needed to switch to DOI he’d have thrown me out. If I’d have told my C-anything that our ESP insisted on DOI he’d have told me to find another one or start building in-house tools.

Whatever side you fall on, one thing is clear: read on…