BeRelevant: How to Double Your Clients: 5 Tips for ESPs to Survive in a Commoditised Market!

Posted by Dan Barker on Mar 04, 2009 | Permalink | Category: Email Service Providers

In a previous BeRelevant post, they offered 10 Tips for Signing Up with a New Email Service Provider. Much of this was based on getting the best price you possibly can.

Fred Testard left a great comment on the article which he called “The voice of the ESP”. Here was the gist of it:
I understand that a marketer wants to pay the lower prices, I believe that the marketer should instead be willing to pay for the right price.

On the one hand, ESP market is very competitive and CPM rates can’t stop getting lower and lower. On the other hand, email marketing requires more resources to monitor, analyse and understand campaign results as to provide marketers with relevant consulting.

An ESP provides much more than just a powerfull MTA [mail transport agent] with a deliverability monitoring… and it has a cost.

Here are 5 cheeky thoughts on how ESPs should change the way they pitch & the way they price, all aimed at standing out in a market that’s becoming more and more commoditised. read on…

Can you spot the spelling mistake in the original post? I was going to hire ITV to run an SMS competition for it but I thought better of it!