BtoB: Secrets & lies: E-mail marketing design

Karen J. Bannan
Story posted: March 12, 2009 – 12:14 pm EDT

It’s a widely recognized industry statistic: About half the time e-mails don’t render because the recipients have images turned off. So what’s a marketer to do, then, about e-mail design? Should you bother with images? Should you go text-only? How much time should you allocate to e-mail marketing design? To answer these design-related questions—and to uncover one of the most common misconceptions—‘EMI’ spoke to Jeannette Kocsis, VP-digital strategy and media at Harte-Hanks Inc., a marketing service provider, and Ivan Chalif, director of product marketing for Alterian, a marketing software platform provider.

Lie: You need to control every aspect of your e-mail design.
You’ve probably got several e-newsletters in your inbox that only have a single image. Companies do this all the time, Kocsis said, because they are so worried about their branding message that they feel the need to control it completely. read on…