Return Path: Growing Your Email File with No (New) Acquisition Budget: Get a Free Checklist

By Stephanie Miller, VP, Global Market Development 15/04/2009

The pressure is on! Now more than ever, the email channel is being asked to contribute higher revenue. Yet, we all must make that happen with existing (or lower) resources.

Many among us succumbed to the pressure to produce more revenue by increasing email frequency – thus generating some short term revenue gain. But we also churned the file, measured by increased subscriber fatigue, unsubscribe requests and complaints to the ISPs (when subscribers click on the Report Spam button), as well as depressing inbox deliverability and overall response rates.

“The harder way is to take the high road,” he said. “To take a longer term view and commit yourself to improving the subscriber value.”

Don’t find yourself in six months wishing you had started now! Here are six real world examples from the panelists on how they are building their email files, and increasing revenue, even in this recession…read on for the 6 top tips and the free checklist download