Vertical Response: Deliverability and Your Email Campaigns – What You Need to Know

On March 23, 2009, Vertical response wrote a useful overview on the all important deliverability…

As legitimate email marketing senders, we all get frustrated when we get unsolicited email clogging up our inboxes. It’s not only infuriating it’s time consuming as well.

On top of this, phishing and spoofing are even more infuriating to us since that’s just plain illegal. Phishers are those people that act as a legitimate company you may or may not do business with and “spoof” the from address to make it look like that legitimate business. How many of us have clicked on a link from our bank, eBay, or another legitimate company asking us to “update our information” which may include our credit cards?

How Does an ISP Authenticate a Legitimate Email Sender?
A New Measure to Weed Out Unscrupulous Email Senders
What You Should Know

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