EmailTransmit: When to Send

May 29th, 2009: Anthony Schneider

Timing is everything. When you send an email, or when a recipient receives an email, has an enormous impact on open-rates and clickthroughs. L.L. Bean, Encyclopedia Brittanica, Henry Schein are among the many marketers who have revised  delivery times and have seen an increase in open-rates of between 30% and 100%. You don’t have to do anything differently, just watch the clock… and see results.

We all know it’s not a good idea to send an email at 4 a.m., or on a Sunday. But when is the best time to send an email? Here are a few ways to time your emails better.

for: Worst Days and Times, Best Days and Best Times…read on

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I will very rarely recommend someone when to send an email campaign as a consultant, it’s making your self accountable for the success of their campaign. What I tend to do is teach people how to empathise with their audience and make the right decision that way.
Most of the time they come to same conclusions as Anthony did but sometimes some people will not even help themselves.
I get so many people sending hundreds of thousands between 3 and 5pm on a Friday.

There is a chain of thought that Fridays is the best day to do surveys as people are looking for an excuse not to do work but I do like the idea of emailing it on Thursday to linger and get done on the Friday – I’d be interested on the results of a comparison!

EMR: Gmail inbox tricks and alt text traps

An article from Pure360 from one of their more talented employees coined the phrase “Trust Earning Text” which was the combination of the pre-header and the Google, Yahoo and Outlook snippet.

In his article on May 26, 2009 called Gmail inbox tricks and alt text traps the lengend of Mark Brownlow really gets his hands dirty in gmail and shows us all how to maximise the use of this extra inbox content space whilst maintaining useful content in the email pre-header.

email wars: Badges and Rewards

May 28 2009

Not sure how familar you are with the concept of badges and rewards in terms of the internet and social communities. In all the research and work we have done at eROI in social community development and social campaigns we have found that the notion of giving badges or visible rewards are a motivator that work. The concept comes from the video game indutry where people receive visual recognition that are displayed in their profile page letting people know of their accomplishments in regard to the community. There can be based on number of connections, type of account, games played, comments given, and more.

But what we have not seen, until now, is the use of profile badges into an email…read on

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This is all very good stuff, making the recipient feel more a prt of it and using imagary to help the association of trust.
We’re currently working on Avatars to increase trust!

Pixelnews: Use the right metrics in email marketing

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

It is always been very important to measure the results that companies obtain with their marketing campaigns. Today, under the difficult economic situation we are living, due to more restricted marketing budgets, it is more important than ever to know the return on investment (ROI) of every action.

In the internet world in general, and the email marketing specifically, is much easier to measure precisely what results you are getting out of your email marketing efforts. I’m going to explain which are the main data you should be watching after you send the next campaign or newsletter…read on

email marketing journal: How Much Thought Do You Put into your Email Marketing?

Brick Marketing on Friday, May 8, 2009

Have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself just how much time and effort you put into your email marketing. Do you just aimlessly send out email campaigns without really knowing what you are sending out. Email marketing is much more effective when you have actually taken the time to think things through and put together a targeted email…read on

mediapost: Even More Laughs! Humor In Retail Email, Once Again

by Alex Madison and Lisa Harmon, Yesterday, 1:15 PM

Back in December, we wrote about “laughs and gaffes” in retail email. While the economic times are still uncertain for many marketers (and consumers), moods are starting to swing into spring. (It’s sunny in Seattle! Woo hoo!) Seems like a great time to revisit the topic of inbox humor and look at how senders have been delivering cheer…read on