Boomerang: The Shelf Life of Emails

Email Marketing Expert Notes Research Indicating that Marketing-related Emails Have a Shelf Life in the Minds of Recipients

05.02.2009 ā€“ (Palo Alto, Calif. – April 30, 2009 –

“Research has indicated that individual messages from email campaigns remain in many recipients’ inboxes long after being sent, to be revisited later. Email marketing expert David Kearney, CEO of the award-winning email marketing firm, noted that the implications for a return on investment on email marketing campaigns are clear and added that the right email hosting tool and supporting consultants can help email marketers to capitalize on these scenarios.” …read on

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I do this all of the time, I have filters in Gmail for social stuff, shopping stuff etc. they move it out of my inbox into folders and I’ll get round to it and do it all in one go when I chose to make the time.

It is like: I’m curious but not dedicated and can become a bit of an interuption.
Clickz for instance givee me the option of having a single weekly email with links to all of the articles that week so I have it all in one email rather than queuing many up. Facebook does not seem to have that option and Linkedin groups give me a daily update but also appears to get my on other mailing lists which I find integuingly spammy.
One newsletter which I really wanted to stay in touch with was, great site lots of products and I was interested but not that interested. So I got the newsletters but found I could not make enough time compared to the frequency of emails – it was very regular, monthly I think, but I could have done with a quartley option. Anyway I opted out eventually but I do have the site bookmarked.