Trying something different in managing an email marketing list

Posted by John Caddell May 01, 2009 11:10AM Marketing

” it’s no longer enough for people not to object to your emailing them–they need to want to receive your messages”

“My first reaction was, “But my list is different! They all want to get my quarterly newsletters.” (Don’t we all feel that way?) But I started thinking about my practice of automatically subscribing any new contact I got to my list. And then, someone I exchanged business cards with put me on his weekly list and I immediately got a communication that I didn’t want (and another and another and so on). I was really annoyed with him and with the emails. I finally made a connection–I didn’t want my subscribers feeling that way when they saw my emails in the inbox.” …read on

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It’s all about permission!
One thing to remember is that double-optin is a form of getting Confirmed Opt-in (COI) and COI is permission.