bizreport: subject line tips

by Helen Leggatt: BizReport : Email Marketing : May 11, 2009

6 easy tips for subject lines…read on

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One thing we do is ask around the office for subject lines. I know it sounds silly, how could someone not involved in marketing have a good subject line? I’m Gald you asked!
when one person creates all of the subject lines, it generally ends up being a list of very similar subject lines but with the words in a different order. Getting someone from a very different perspective to pitch in can really help you take a step back.

Also, from experience, I find Pure360’s subject line selector quite nifty as it’ll choose the best subject line for me from the list I put in during the delivery, to maximise my open rates.

For newsletters I tend to try and stick with a consistent structure, brand name first as recuipients might see the sbject line to the left of the from name, then the title of the email, eg: ‘news letter may 09’ then a few trigger words to get interest eg: special content, new spam rules, free food, etc etc.
I find regular news emails need consistency as people’s eyes will look for thwe same pattern each time.
Of course if your open rates are low, you need to make a change!