mediapost: Where to Place Your Precious Email Investments

by Stephanie Miller 20/05/2009

Someone once said that with great power comes great responsibility. That certainly applies to email marketing. In the current recession, the high ROI and low cost of email make us the “rock star” of the marketing team. Of course, along with that comes increased pressure to deliver higher results — executives are demanding more and more.

Time to turn that demand to our benefit. Take advantage of your rock star status to make the case for increased budget to go with that increased revenue forecast. Econsultancy recently reported that nearly half (48%) of marketers plan to increase email marketing spending this year. The best place to put those dollars now is into access to the kind of data you need to make good business decisions, and the space and talent to do even simple analysis.

It’s time we all stopped pretending that “investing in email” is the same as “doubling the frequency.” Investing means using data to make intelligent decisions about how to improve results. Without that knowledge, we are all just groping in the dark to understand the true drivers of response and revenue…read on