mediapost: The Executive Knowledge Gap

by Chad White, Tuesday, May 19, 2009, 10:16 AM

The recession has a put a spotlight on email marketing, with executives suddenly intensely interested in what their email marketing staff are doing.

In some cases, this spotlight hasn’t been entirely positive. Executives seems to have a significant knowledge gap about email marketing best practices. This gap, combined with the extreme urgency to generate as much revenue as soon as possible, has led to some surreal internal discussions and counterproductive directives…read on

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It cannot be a surprise that there is more focus on email marketing. It is good to point out that now, in some ways, it is a company’s primary marketing tool.
Also Directors and managers who have not previously given it the respect it deserves find their job relying on its success but don’t understand it. Subsequently the people they have employed to do the job are not capable of the quality requried.