What good are FBLs if your email is in the bulk folder? (rt: @emailexperts)

March 18, 2009

I woke up this morning and noticed one of our clients had a delivery issue. I notified them of the problem and told them what we need to do to fix it. They were shocked. They came back complaining that all their reputation numbers looked good and wanted to know how this happened. They had less then a 0.02% complaint rate, their bounce and remove rate’s were well under the bar and yet they weren’t hitting the inbox. It was easy for us to know what the cause was, but not so easy for the client. The client got so hung up on reputation and feedback loop stats that he forgot about the very foundation of delivery, and that’s content!…read on

– – –
Most good ESPs will have a spam checker which will put your email through SpamAssassin at the very least.
You will then be told the reaction of the spam filter so you can fix it before you send it.

This is always the first check for deliverability!