cloudmark: Blocked Email Part 2: “Now what do I do?”

David Romerstein: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 15:51 PDT

In Part I, we talked about a few of the possible reasons that your email might be blocked. Today, we’ll talk about things that an individual end-user can do when they receive one of those dreaded bounce messages. Several of the tips here will also be relevant for small businesses.

One thing to take from Part I is the idea that you, as an individual, are probably not being blocked because anyone thinks that you’re a spammer. As a result of their efforts to get as much of their email delivered as possible, spammers have caused ISPs to tighten their restrictions on various characteristics of email they’re willing to accept, to the detriment of other senders. However, if you’re not actively trying to abuse a receiver, there are many steps you can take to help make sure that your future email gets through.

Take a close look at the bounces that you’ve received. There should be some information included in them to help point you to the reason why your mail was rejected. Some of the useful things you might see…read on