email wars: Badges and Rewards

May 28 2009

Not sure how familar you are with the concept of badges and rewards in terms of the internet and social communities. In all the research and work we have done at eROI in social community development and social campaigns we have found that the notion of giving badges or visible rewards are a motivator that work. The concept comes from the video game indutry where people receive visual recognition that are displayed in their profile page letting people know of their accomplishments in regard to the community. There can be based on number of connections, type of account, games played, comments given, and more.

But what we have not seen, until now, is the use of profile badges into an email…read on

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This is all very good stuff, making the recipient feel more a prt of it and using imagary to help the association of trust.
We’re currently working on Avatars to increase trust!