Can Spam and email marketing

June 18th 2009, Author, by April Weber

ADOTAS – As an affiliate manager that works with mailers on a regular basis, I am constantly reminded of the Can Spam Act and what it means for email marketing.

Many people don’t look at it as simply as it is stated, so I wanted to revisit the Can Spam and what it means. Can Spam is divided into 4 categories or sections: subscriber collection, sending behavior, content and unsubscribe policies.…read on
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A really easy breakdown of the CAN-SPAM laws, hopefully there is a nice comparison to the UK and EU laws & regulations to see how it all balances out. I expect Brownlow’s done one at some point.

One thing to remember is that even though there are spam laws, recipients have more power.
If they think you’ve spammed them, they’ll hit the spam button and when you can’t get in the inbox cos your deliverability’s pony because of the complaint rate, you can’t go back to them a say, “what? I obeyed the law, to the letter”.

Always obey the law but you always have to go that much further, just ask Seth.

Clickz: It’s Not Just About the E-mail…And Video Complicates Matters

By Jeanne Jennings, ClickZ, Jun 15, 2009

An e-mail campaign I developed for a client earlier this month was successful, but not as successful as it could have been. If you see yourself or your organization in the following case study, it’s not too late — see my tips at the end of this column for making sure you get the most out of every send and video landing page.

Last month I wrote about video in e-mail, partially spurred by a client that was pursuing this strategy. The video was a somewhat late addition to the e-mail campaign — the video was complete just as we were finalizing the e-mail creative. We included an image of the video which, when clicked on, took the reader to a Web page where the video would play
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Another classic from Jeanne. She goes on to show you the conversion stats and the differences between the click throughs for the video and the rest of the direct links and then takes us to the web-site stats to see how each landing page faired in conversion rates… it is very interesting…read on

Bronto: 10 Automated Messages That Rock

by Kristen Gregory on June 29, 2009

Would you like to send targeted, relevant messages to your contacts on an ongoing basis without lifting a finger? What about a seeing a steady stream of revenue without logging into your favorite ESP?

You can when you set up automated (or triggered) messages!

There are many different types of communications that you can set up to run in the background of your email program while you concentrate on the messages that need to be uniquely created and set up.

Not sure how to start?

Think about what information (usually fields in a database) you have for your contacts that you can leverage to send one-off, extremely targeted mailings.

Here are some automated messages ideas to consider based on this kind of information:…read on

I love all this stuff, although it is easy to over do it and that is where the skill is. My favourite ESP, Pure360 already does most of this out of the box and can do all it with extra modules, it’s great fun too.

EmailAdvisor: What is your email creative "saying" to your recipients?

18/06/2009 19:15

Email marketers are in for an uphill battle when it comes to visibility in the inbox. In a recent study from Forrester Research the number of marketing messages for the average email user is predicted to double to almost 25 messages a day by 2014. That’s about 9,000 e-mail marketing messages a year for the average “Joe.” Even now, email recipients have become choosier on what messages they will open and review. Your email design will become even more important as existing email marketers turn up their game and new marketers turn to email.

Email design, both the look and feel as well as the functionality of the message is one of the most important considerations in your ongoing email strategy. It is all about balancing smart creative, relevant content and a properly rendered message. Here are a few quick email design tips to consider to help your messages make the cut once it reaches your recipient’s inbox…read on

MediaPost: Strategies to Meet 5 Macro Trends Altering Email

by Loren McDonald, Thursday, June 18, 2009, 1:32 PM

Trend forecasts, like mine in my last Email Insider column, “5 Macro Trends That Are Altering Email,” also need strategies to help you meet the challenges these trends bring. Here’s how you can retool your email program to keep it fresh, relevant and productive in an evolving market:…read on

Mediapost have probably been the most useful suppliers of email marketing info this month!

MediaPost: ‘Delivered’ Does Not Mean ‘In The Inbox’

by Stephanie Miller, Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 10:34 AM

It’s rather amazing how much confusion there is between the bounce rate and the inbox deliverability rate. I’ve been on the road much of May and June speaking at online marketing conferences — and while every marketer understands that if they don’t reach the inbox, they don’t earn a response, there is a sense of complacency around inbox deliverability that is not grounded in the right data. Marketers think they know their inbox deliverability rate, but in fact are either misinformed or just do not have access to that information…read on
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This could also relate to the ‘render rate’ which googled the Email Experience Council and unsurprisingly but deservedly the Email Marketing Reports.