pixelNews: Promotional email is not email marketing

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 at 10:20 pm

Promotional email is not email marketing

For me, Marketing is a collection of activities and actions that make my target customers want to buy my product or hire my service. Those actions help you to create or strengthen your brand, position you and your company as experts in your market and generate leads that the sales team will convert into new clients. These general marketing concepts apply for your email marketing program as well. However, I receive calls and emails everyday from companies that want to use Pixelnews, and when I speak to them, they usually tell me that they don’t have a list or a value content generation strategy. They just want to send a blast of emails to let people know about their product or service. The exclusive use of promotional emails work for some companies in some markets, but it is not email marketing, it is just a promotional email, the same as if you run a newspaper add, television ad or a telemarketing campaign.

What is true email marketing?…read on

It is a fine line but surely if a TV advert promoting a product or brand is marketing, then an email promoting a product or brand is email marketing!
Email Marketing tends to fall into three main areas, Opt-in emails, Lead Gen and Transactional.

Opt-in tends to be the newsletter where people will ask for the emails and for well organised companies there will be a preference centre so each person only gets what they like and in really good companies they will be able to query preferences, web-site activity, e-commerce purchases, cart activity etc. etc.

Lead Gen is emailing new companies to spread brand and product awareness with the aim or bringing in new business. As more and people find themselves getting lead gen emails that they do not want, they hit the spam button and that button gets more and more power over our deliverability every day. Mainly because there is no TPS for email. These are often known as interruptions (Seth Godin).

Transactional email are those email that everyone gets as part of a transaction, ie: purchase receipt, double-opt-in email, welcome email, white paper link. These can only be sent in reaction to an activity by the recipient. These are great emails to get some marketing a round the outside.