imedia: Email’s new best practices

By Chris Marriott, June 08, 2009

Article HIghlights:

* During the onboarding process, be clear about what’s coming
* Adapt your headers for mobile viewing and preview panes
* Don’t be afraid to get a little creative with subject lines

Next in Email

One of the great joys — and great frustrations — of my job comes from working with clients whose email experience spans from accomplished professional to rank amateur. The experienced pros help our organization blaze new trails in email marketing while each new client gives us the chance to start fresh and enjoy the benefits of having made mistakes in the past. On the down side, however, we often find ourselves repeating some basic tactics over and over again.

While each brand has its own challenges in email and little quirks that make its emails unique, the fact remains that over time, certain trends emerge that generally hold true for all marketers. By now, you have probably absorbed most of the conventional wisdom of email, such as testing subject lines early and often; using short, crisp copy to highlight the offer; and designing calls to action as text to avoid image rendering issues. These basics comprise Email 101, the freshman course. But over the past year or so, new rules have emerged for email’s upperclassmen — let’s call these rules Email 201…read on