dailykos: Marketing 101: What The Heck Is Marketing & Where Do I Start

by webranding: Mon Jun 01, 2009 at 06:08:27 AM PDT

This is a weekly diary series focused on marketing strategies and tactics. The objective is simple. Outline the basics to help somebody working on a grassroots political campaign raise money or secure votes, help a group increase awareness about their cause, or just help a small business owner who wants to market themselves more effectively.

Yesterday I asked for input on the topics I planned to write about. Well as they say, ask and you shall receive. Both the topics and order I had envisioned has been altered fairly drastically (at the end of the Diary) based on your input. More than a few asked what I meant by marketing? That question made me realize I was about to jump into talking about specific activities, without first outlining some core marketing principles that are important to say the least.

So in this Diary I will outline these core principals that will serve as the foundation for anything and everything I write about in future posts…read on