email advisor: Successfully defining your approach to email testing strategies.

28/05/2009 16:18

The problem with email testing isn’t so much the actual testing itself – it is fairly easy, cost effective and relatively immediate. The challenge for most marketers is that you need to have a testing strategy in place before your email message goes into production. The time to strategize on your testing tactics isn’t when you are trying to get a message out the door and into your customers’ inbox. It starts with a solid testing program that can be applied to your future email campaigns long before they make their way to your email sending tool. Additionally, you are likely to get better and more relevant testing results if you are not approaching it as an after-thought. The more robust your results, the better your justification on the additional work as well as the increased value of your email programs.

There is no shortage on resources and research for marketers on when, how and what to test. Get cozy with a whitepaper or two from your ESP and you’ll be able to find inspiration how you can start testing your communications but don’t forget to apply these basic principles when considering your testing program…read on