Clickz: Friends, Friendly Acquaintances and Your E-mail List

By Jeanne Jennings, ClickZ, Jun 1, 2009

The legendary Jeanne Jennings discusses the subject of the year: permission. Jeanne states that people often have 2 email addresses, I have about 3 and I use a temporary email address service which allows me to create expiring email addresses which I can state how many email I want to receive to it before it expires. Very useful to test if you are going to be spammed……read on

Most peoplehave a personal email address which they use for their close friends, social networks and on-line shopping receipts, they then often have a work email address and then at least one junk address.
It is said the most people will initially give you their junk address a temporary address and sometimes, if you don’t use double opt-in for things like free trials and white papers etc, someone else’s or a made up address.

They key to permission is earning the trust to get that personal address or work address, depending on why you are in touch with them.