Clickz: Six Steps to Easier E-mail

By Stefan Pollard, ClickZ, Jun 3, 2009

At a recent e-mail forum, a group of moms made it clear that e-mail must be fast, easy, and useful for them to continue using it as a communication and marketing channel.

For these mothers, e-mail is one more chore they have to take care of in addition to family, housekeeping, outside jobs, and so on. Relevance and targeting mean nothing if your e-mail makes the chore more onerous. The faster they can deal with their daily load of commercial e-mail, and the more useful the content in them is, the more valuable e-mail will be in their lives.

On the other hand, if you waste their time with vague subject lines and content that doesn’t spell out your promotion’s costs and benefits, you’ll quickly become history. Remember that women in general, and moms in particular, are the family purchasing agents. Don’t disrespect them with messages that waste their time, even if they gave you permission to e-mail them.

The following six steps will help you make your e-mail program more mom-friendly. The payoff? You’ll make your e-mail easier to use for all your readers, even those who aren’t time-pressed mothers…read on