EmailAdvisor: What is your email creative "saying" to your recipients?

18/06/2009 19:15

Email marketers are in for an uphill battle when it comes to visibility in the inbox. In a recent study from Forrester Research the number of marketing messages for the average email user is predicted to double to almost 25 messages a day by 2014. That’s about 9,000 e-mail marketing messages a year for the average “Joe.” Even now, email recipients have become choosier on what messages they will open and review. Your email design will become even more important as existing email marketers turn up their game and new marketers turn to email.

Email design, both the look and feel as well as the functionality of the message is one of the most important considerations in your ongoing email strategy. It is all about balancing smart creative, relevant content and a properly rendered message. Here are a few quick email design tips to consider to help your messages make the cut once it reaches your recipient’s inbox…read on