mediapost: I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me… But Should I?

by Kara Trivunovic, Thursday, June 11, 2009, 10:45 AM

I recently read a New York Times article that likened abandoned cart email programs to having a salesperson chase you out of the store and down the street after deciding not to buy — and it got me thinking. Leveraging behavioral-based information to drive, segment and target your email marketing messages is what is going to lead us to the relevance pot of gold, but we need to be smart about it. As marketers, we have to ask ourselves, “How would I feel if someone sent this email to me?” And if the answer is anything but positive, you need to reconsider your strategy now…read on

– – –

I consult on quite a lot of abandoned cart email strategies and there is a lot of logic and decisions to do when implementing this. Some people will only abandon a cart for a day or a few hours, some a week. Other people will leave it to act like a next purchase list because wish and shopping lists don’t have an easy list to cart option – not even Amazon.
It is a really complex strategy on who to target with abandoned cart emails and when.

On the other hand, it is becoming more and more important to integration your results from your web analytics to your emails and back round again. Then match it up with the purchases and carts add to make sure that you can get a full single customer view and email people the right content at the right times. This is a fun one to map out. I recommend Apteco Faststats as the DBMS/Query tool to sit in between all of your data-stores.