Bronto: 10 Automated Messages That Rock

by Kristen Gregory on June 29, 2009

Would you like to send targeted, relevant messages to your contacts on an ongoing basis without lifting a finger? What about a seeing a steady stream of revenue without logging into your favorite ESP?

You can when you set up automated (or triggered) messages!

There are many different types of communications that you can set up to run in the background of your email program while you concentrate on the messages that need to be uniquely created and set up.

Not sure how to start?

Think about what information (usually fields in a database) you have for your contacts that you can leverage to send one-off, extremely targeted mailings.

Here are some automated messages ideas to consider based on this kind of information:…read on

I love all this stuff, although it is easy to over do it and that is where the skill is. My favourite ESP, Pure360 already does most of this out of the box and can do all it with extra modules, it’s great fun too.