Can Spam and email marketing

June 18th 2009, Author, by April Weber

ADOTAS – As an affiliate manager that works with mailers on a regular basis, I am constantly reminded of the Can Spam Act and what it means for email marketing.

Many people don’t look at it as simply as it is stated, so I wanted to revisit the Can Spam and what it means. Can Spam is divided into 4 categories or sections: subscriber collection, sending behavior, content and unsubscribe policies.…read on
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A really easy breakdown of the CAN-SPAM laws, hopefully there is a nice comparison to the UK and EU laws & regulations to see how it all balances out. I expect Brownlow’s done one at some point.

One thing to remember is that even though there are spam laws, recipients have more power.
If they think you’ve spammed them, they’ll hit the spam button and when you can’t get in the inbox cos your deliverability’s pony because of the complaint rate, you can’t go back to them a say, “what? I obeyed the law, to the letter”.

Always obey the law but you always have to go that much further, just ask Seth.